World Genetics is a CLIA-Certified Laboratory Located in Los Angeles specialized in molecular biology, under the leadership of our Laboratory Director Daniel Chen, MD PhD, World Genetics uses state of the art technology such as Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), which is the most advance technology there is for sequencing, and Real Time PCR for COVID-19 diagnostics, we are committed to help you preserve health and improve the quality of life

Focused on customize our panels to fit your specific needs and process samples at scale.

FDA approved RT-PCR COVID-19 Test

With the need of control the spread of COVID-19, World Genetics is offering the highest standards in accuracy and test quality with our FDA approved COVID-19 RT-PCR testing nasal/oral swabs, that helps to identify and have an early diagnosis of the disease allowing the detection of the virus in the early stages of respiratory infection. Testing results in 24 Hours and 99.99% accuracy.